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Info for DailyFreeware

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Name DailyFreeware
Record created 2009-02-20
Last PR of page 3
Verified record Y
PAD support N
RegNow support N
Award for reciprocal link N
Required registration N
Reciprocal required N
Only paid submirrion N
Error on page N
Description Freeware

Statistics for

WebSite Force...WebSite Force 33,750 
Google Page Rank  Google Page Rank 22,500 
Google page rank
Backlinks  Backlinks 7,271 
Google 38 
MSN 94 
AllTheWeb 5,130 
Altavista 8,250 
Indexed Pages  Indexed Pages 1,598 
Google 1,400 
MSN 233 
AllTheWeb 3,520 
Altavista 3,560 
Title position  Title position
First page position in Google for four words from title
Domain Age  Domain Age 792 
Domain age from 2 years and 350 days 
DMOZ Listings  DMOZ Listings
DMOZ listings
Yahoo Directory Listings  Yahoo Directory Listings
Yahoo Directory listings
Technorati Listings  Technorati Listings
Technorati listings Listings Listings listings
Gov Backlinks  Gov Backlinks
Backlinks from gov sites
Edu Backlinks  Edu Backlinks 50 
Backlinks from edu sites
Alexa traffic rank  Alexa traffic rank 1,539 
Alexa traffic rank 65,116 
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My photo My name is Juraj Svajdlenka and I am the owner of this site. I am sure that you will be satisfied with our services.
If you have any questions about our services, please send me an e-mail: